About Me

Father, Husband, Sailing Enthusiast, Woodworker, Computer Geek, DIY’er, Middle Aged Guy who feels grunge threw music into the dark ages…

I live in south central Nebraska.  I have more hobbies than money to fund them. Or, for that matter, time.  I love to debate politics or the current events of the day, unfortunately it seems to be getting harder and harder to find people who’s debate position is NOT entirely emotionally based.

I enjoy building things.  Woodworking mostly, but have dabbled in masonry, metalwork, etc.  I like to go camping with my family, however my definition of camping includes an RV with air conditioning, a fridge, a shower, etc.  I work both a full time as well as a part time night job, my wife also works a full time job so consequently we don’t exactly have time for globe trotting.  On the limited occasions when all of the family is home simultaneously we enjoy leisure time on the back patio, hanging out in the family room, or soaking in the hot tub.  Also, did i mention we like to eat?

I am an avid home cook and baker. I prefer scratch baking / bread making. Cherry pie is my specialty. I have become a proponent of unrefined coconut oil instead of margarine and vegetable oil.

I consider myself a Constitutional Libertarian philosophically and am a registered Republican.  I tend to get angrier at Republican politicians when they act like socialists than I do at Democrats (I expect that from them).

I despise dishonest people and don’t buy the arguments: “That’s just business” or “That’s just politics”.  Not everything in the world is clear, cut and dry.  Many things aren’t as simple as “black and white”.  But, I don’t see multiple degrees of honesty or integrity.  You either are or you’re not!

I believe that America, despite it’s flaws, is still the best place on earth to live.  America has done, by far, more good for the rest of the world than bad.  And I tend to have a low tolerance for those who put our country down.

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